The Heat is On
2021 Juried Exhibition

Jurors’ Statements

Summer is a carefree time of the year when the pressures of life seem to dissipate and we get a chance to relax a little. Of course this year we can relax a bit more than last year given the pandemic’s wrath subsided with the arrival and rollout of vaccines. I think the works submitted for The Heat Is On show reflect a celebration of life in a variety of forms and I was honored to view the works with my fellow juror, Art Smith. The works encompassed a wide range of mediums, all of which were worthy to be included in the show and so we decided to do just that. We then turned our focus to choosing awards that we thought reflected a diversity in style, genre and medium. We included watercolor, digital, mixed media, photography, pastel and sculpture of brass and iron for prizes. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing works from all of the art groups under the AZ Art Alliance umbrella. Congratulations to everyone in the show! – Constance McBride

“The Heat is On,” a summer show of the work of artists in arts organizations that are members of the Arizona Arts Alliance, is a diverse, talented, and exciting show. It was an honor to judge this show along with my friend and fellow artist, Constance McBride. As a celebration of post-Covid art, we wanted all pieces submitted to be shown in the online presentation. Due to the high quality of submissions in a large variety of media and subject matter, judging the art work was not a simple feat.

I was impressed with the number of non-traditional submissions. Lee Kaster’s digital mixed media pieces are colorful and engaging compositions. I love the mark making and density of this work. Joan McGue’s work never fails to engage and intrigue me with her use of color and exploration of shapes and forms. “Fish Man” , a mixed media piece, is a stand out. Eugene Strickland’s large brass, iron and solder sculpture, “Ascending Man,” is a traditional study of the human form. The figure, despite its heavy materials and large form, is weightless. A truly unique accomplishment.

Abstract and realistic watercolors, works in glass, oil, pastel, pencil, alcohol ink, traditional and manipulated photographs is to name just some of the media in this show. There is something for everyone here: the collector, the browser, the artist looking for inspiration.

Sometimes a piece of artwork so touches us that it brings forth deep and powerful memories. I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the watercolor, “Summer Solace,” by Marie Provine. Before my recent move to New Jersey five years ago, I walked the canals of Phoenix for 30 years. This painting took me right back to that place and time. The joy of looking at artwork, and one has a great show to see here, is that one never knows the joys, the thoughts, the memories that one might discover.   – Art Smith

Congratulations to the Award Recipients

Lee Kaster | Etherea | 1st Place

Joan McGue | Fish Man | 2nd Place

Eugene Strickland | Ascending Man | 3rd Place

 Barbara Cronise | Carmel River Reflections | Honorable Mention

Carolyn Sechler | Summer Waves | Honorable Mention

Melanie Harmon | Tuna Wharf | Honorable Mention

Erica Black | Weightless | Honorable Mention

Marie Provine | Summer Solace | Honorable Mention

Enjoy the Show!

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