Mission Statement

Facilitating growth in the Arizona arts community by empowering arts organizations to meet their goals of providing arts events, instruction, and community outreach.

Our Vision

Mentorship: Assist arts organization leadership to develop and fulfill organizational goals. Mentorships include support and instruction for: program development, attracting and retaining members, hosting art events, developing curriculum, developing outreach programs, developing organizational skills, fund raising, addressing challenges.

Education: Assist arts organization through workshops including: instructional videos, business and organizational strategies, trends in art the world, virtual presentation skills and marketing. Other topics may be available based on the needs of the member organization.

Collaboration: Provide members with: Access to artists for qualified jurors, instructor rosters, networking, exhibition opportunities, access to other member workshops, data base of information on exhibitions and workshops, and shared calendar. Arizona Artist Alliance will collaborate with general outreach programs (i.e., for suicide prevention) and assist Alliance members to expand their outreach programs to reach a wide variety of populations. Facilitate cross collaboration between art organizations.

Outreach: Provide members with support for their own outreach programs including financial support, marketing, and curriculum development. Provide a roster of outreach artist instructors and will work toward a broad art skill building program to teach art skills which will be provided in addition to the member outreach programs.

Exhibitions: Arizona Art Alliance will host two exhibitions annually, one in person/virtual and one virtual. Members of all Arizona Art Alliance member leagues will be eligible to submit work for exhibition.

Fundraising: Arizona Art Alliance will pursue multiple avenues for fund raising to support the activities of the organization.

The Organization

Arizona Art Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit art organization comprised of thousands of artists from our many member arts organizations. Founded by Arizona artists in 2000, the Arizona Art Alliance is committed to the promotion and appreciation of fine art and the enrichment that art brings to the community.

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