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OPEN ME UP! book of art prompts

A book to get you started on your artistic journey.

Since 2013, we have witnessed the impact of the Community Art Classes on Veterans and Survivors of Suicide. One veteran shared that he had spent a day making holiday cards for his family. After 7 hours of working on the art project he realized that he had not had pain and did not need to take his medication.

That got us thinking.  So, during the pandemic our team set to work to create a book of art prompts for our students to use at home.  So often we heard people say “I love this class and want to do this at home, but I don’t know where to begin.”  This book is designed to get people started.  We took lessons that were enjoyed, prompts we have used or continue to use in our own art practices, and whittled them down to a simple prompt that can be completed in as little as 15 minutes to several depending on your schedule.

The Arizona Art Alliance Community Art Program is an extension of our tag line, Enriching Lives Through Art.  It is by this standard that programs are designed to make a difference and enrich lives – particularly of those struggling to overcome challenges brought on by PTSD, trauma and emotional pain and loss.  This is possible by donations and grants.  Help us to expand, to reach more veterans and survivors so they too can share the benefits of art making.  

You can make a difference.

Open Me UP! was created by  Dr. Caron Sada, Tess Mosko Scherer, Dr. Lisa Wayman and David Lloyd Bradley.

The four authors hand-drew each page to create a welcoming space that is not intimidating.  There is a casual quality to the book that makes it accessible as you can see in the sample pages below.

Proceeds from the sale of the books through this website will benefit the programs of the Arizona Art Alliance.

Caron Sada wanted to be an artist and rock star but began a career in sales/fundraising, marketing and management instead. Caron continued to write, draw, paint and sing for fun and as a method for figuring out, and expressing, life. Caron now specializes in organizational psychology as Residential Psychology Faculty and as a Social Entrepreneur with art being central to connecting with others and experiencing/improving daily life.

Tess Mosko Scherer believes art is as essential to life as breathing. She finds that the act of creating stimulates the imagination and that making art and viewing art is nutrition for the soul. Mosko Scherer is a professional artist and advocate for the benefits of art on the psyche.

Lisa Wayman creates art because it has helped her process difficult things in her life. She also creates art because it makes her happy. Playing with form and color makes her smile and gives her joy. Wayman is a PhD prepared RN who enjoys helping others through her work as an RN and through promoting creative arts in others.

David Lloyd Bradley is a believer in the power of Art to make a person’s life better. Since he was very young he knew that spending time engaged in art making was the best use of his time. As a full time professor of Art, he gets to share his passion for making Art with others.


Open Me Up! book of art prompts


OPEN ME UP! a book of art prompts
Written by David Lloyd Bradley, Dr. Caron Sada, Tess Mosko Scherer, Dr. Lisa Wayman

Price: $25  |  Shipping:  $7.

Proceeds from the sale of this book through the Arizona Art Alliance website will support AzAA programs.






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