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How artists use art to overcome difficult or challenging times

Julie Frye…..

I am a member of Church of the Beatitudes and the Arts Council of that church. At one of our meetings mid-year 2019 (shortly after my husband of 62+ years passed away) one of the members of the arts council commented that although we are “Church of the Beatitudes”, there is nothing in our church that specifically says “Beatitudes” Shortly thereafter, a call to artists went out all over the state of Arizona outlining the project and inviting artists to submit proposals and samples of their work and ideas for the project for review by the committee resulting in the awarding of a commission to fulfill the project. I decided (on my own) to submit a proposal and to my great surprise and delight my proposal was selected over all submitted entries! I was awarded the commission to paint 8 paintings depicting modern day people living the Beatitudes. These would be hung in the entry to the newly renovated Sanctuary. This commission came to me just as the pandemic started, March of 2020. It was truly a blessing to me to be given this project – I was confined to my home and now had something joyous to do during that incredibly lonely grieving period and was my saving grace to say the least. It took me nearly a year to complete – (They are on my website under the heading “MORE” and a video had been produced showing all the paintings with my narration, available soon on YouTube and on the church website. I learned so much from the experience and the paintings are on permanent display. Tours are planned. My website is: