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Volunteer Hall of Honor

This Month’s Honoree

Donna Levine

Donna Levine has been involved in the Arizona Art Alliance Veterans’ art outreach program since its inception. She has enthusiastically given her time to teaching, planning lessons, buying supplies, and most importantly, interacting with the veterans on an individual basis and giving them encouragement. Over the last several years we have seen the veterans grow not only in art prowess, but also in self-esteem, confidence, communication skills, and even sense of humor.

Donna brings to the table a vast experience in teaching all the art media, the various genres, the techniques, and even a smattering of the history. Just in the past year, after almost 5 years in the program, she has been able to hone the skills of composition, color theory, value balance, and draftsmanship with our students, and they express appreciation regularly. The rest of the Alliance’s staff is also grateful to have Donna as an asset in the art program. Here is Donna’s personal artist’s statement:

I have been an artist all my life…and never wanted to be anything else. Making art is like breathing. I believe it is necessary for survival. To that end, I teach others to access that joy. I have a Master’s Degree in Painting which I did in Florence, Italy and have been painting for over 60 years and teaching for over 40. I exhibit regularly and my work is in collections throughout the United States. I have taught Drawing, Life Drawing, Composition and Design, Oil and Acrylic Painting, Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Pastel, Color Theory, Printmaking, and even Sculpture. There have been classes for college credit, adult and youth recreation, open studio and critique. I have taught wise and foolish senior citizens, tentative middle aged adults, emerging young people, and toddlers having their first luscious experience with finger paint. I have owned and operated a full-service commercial art studio, where I did all of the illustration, design and production work. I have catalogued the extensive slide collection for a college Art History department and even done paste-up for a small newspaper. My richly colored, expressionistic paintings and drawings emerge from intense observation and contemplation of growth and change. Each twist or leaf on stem, each push and pop of blossom from bud, each fleeting expression on a passing visage becomes the impetus to explore the miraculous dynamic of life. This is done, not with cool, scientific analysis, but with an instinctual, intuitive, passionate eye. The most important is found in the least apparent. The details engender thoughts of the universal.

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