Membership Benefits

The Arizona Art Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to facilitating growth in the Arizona arts community by empowering arts organizations to meet their goals of providing arts events, instruction, and community outreach.

We live in an era where technology is changing our culture.  Virtual exhibits, social media, and ‘live’ web events have replaced gallery receptions, exhibitions and art fairs. Consumers are more and more familiar with online platforms.  During this high-tech era, it is more important than ever for arts organizations to share resources and information rather than each reinventing the wheel.  These fast-pace changes require new forms of communication and engagement between artists and the broader art world.

Now more than ever we need a strong arts community to come together in support of one another and the exploration of artistic expression. Arizona Art Alliance will create opportunities for engagement between arts organizations through meetings, events, exhibitions and the sharing of knowledge and resources.  Our goal is to shift the climate of competition between arts organizations to a climate of collaboration and communication.

To do so, we will work directly with the member arts organizations leadership teams in areas of concern.  These areas could include technology, marketing, leadership, curriculum development, virtual exhibitions, and members’ artistic and professional development to name just a few.  This will ensure that all member organizations have every opportunity to stay relevant in today’s society.

Arizona Art Alliance will disseminate information through the following:

  • Central Calendar
    As a member, your arts organization’s events will be posted on a central calendar.   Arizona Art Alliance will post such events as outreach program classes, workshops, and exhibitions.
  • Digital Newsletter
    Arizona Art Alliance will send out a digital monthly newsletter announcing events and opportunities for your leadership team and members. Please share information with your members.
  • Quarterly Meetings
    Arizona Art Alliance will host quarterly meetings via zoom open to the leadership teams of member arts organizations.  These meetings will cover current issues and how to stay relevant in the changing tides of the art world, updates on Arizona Art Alliance events, and member organization announcements. Meetings will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of the first month of each quarter.  January, April, July, and October.

Annual Membership Dues are $300/year.

Dues may be paid by check or credit card.


Contact Arizona Art Alliance Directly: or call 928-300-7185