Sign Up for the Online Artist Gallery!

“Arizona Art Alliance Online Gallery” Open to Alliance-Juried Artists who are members of an affiliated Alliance league
(CLICK HERE to check the member group list). Each submission is for a six-month duration.

Your entry must include:
*One (1) photo of artist
*One (1) digital image of each of 5 artworks
*Artist’s statement/bio & contact info
*Entry fee (non-refundable)

Each Alliance-Juried Artist must use the online “Entrythingy” system to apply and prior to entering the system he/she needs to know which 5 images will be submitted and be prepared to pay online. No substitute or additional images will be accepted after completing the application-payment process. Complete your entry information online, upload your jpg images, and pay fee.

The following must be included with your entry:
1. A 100 dpi. jpg – largest dimension not exceeding 600 pixels of a picture of YOU!
2. Five (5) 100 dpi. jpg images (largest dimension not exceeding 600 pixels) of your artwork – the title of each jpg file should match the title of the artwork.
3. A PDF file containing your artist’s statement/bio and your desired contact information, not exceeding 500 words.
4. Payment of $50 (for 6 months) using the PayPal Button on the Online Artist Gallery Call to Artists’ page.

The Arizona Art Alliance Online Gallery is open to all ALLIANCE-JURIED members in good standing of an AZ Art Alliance Member League (check the member group list on website).
ALL ARTWORK WILL BE SCRUTINIZED by our Jurors to ensure a quality presentation. If necessary, the artist will be contacted to submit other images that meet the criteria.
Each submission is for a six-month duration and posted quarterly. The artist will be notified to resubmit upon the 6-month expiration date. Deadline dates to submit artwork are as follows: July 1, October 1, January 1, & April 1 with artwork to be posted online by July 15, October 15, January 15, & April 15, respectively.
Entry Fee (non-refundable) is $50 for one 6-month period.
All 2-D and 3-D artwork will be considered, including jewelry.
All Sales and Sales arrangements are handled directly by the artist. There will be no contribution required by the Art Alliance from any sales that may occur through the Online Gallery (however, a donation is always welcome to support our Outreach Programs and is tax deductible).
Artists retain copyright to the artwork, however AZ Art Alliance reserves the right to publish images of artwork for this and future marketing purposes, and for use in the Alliance newsletter and website.
Non-Juried Artists can become eligible to participate in the Online Gallery by applying for Juried Artist status. CLICK HERE for more details.

I have read, understand, and am in agreement with the entire contents of this Call For Entries/Prospectus. By submitting artwork to this Online Gallery, I hereby certify that my artwork is original, that I am a dues-paid member of an affiliated Alliance member art group/s, and that I am an Alliance-Juried Artist.