The entry process can be simplified with a little foresight and organization
Whether you use a laptop, computer, notebook, or even your phone, you can save your data in easily accessible files so that you have the information ‘at the ready’ for your entry.

Create a folder with the show title, for example “Interpretations 2023”.
-In this folder, drag or copy and paste the images of the work you would like to submit.
-Rename your images with your last name and the title of your work. For example, for my Unbound series, I would name my images Mosko Scherer Unbound I. -Resize your image to meet the show requirements as specified in the prospectus. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry, I will be posting about this in a future newsletter.

Create an Image List with the show title and date:
In the folder, create a file using word, pages, excel or similar program, saving it as “Your Name Image List Show Title” .

Create an image list and include the following information: Your name as you would like it to appear on the label, the full title of your piece, dimensions, medium, and price. DO NOT use fancy formatting. It should be just plain text.

Artist Statement or Bio:
Create another file using word, pages, or similar program for your biography and or artist statement in unformatted text. Check your word count against the requirements for the show and once you have the appropriate number of words and are satisfied with your information, save it with your name followed by statement or bio, example: Mosko Scherer

Tips on writing your statement and bios will be featured future newsletters.

Once you have gathered your information, then find the entry online and proceed with uploading your submission. This makes the process so much easier because you have everything you need in one place that you can copy and paste into the form.

Additional tip: Once you receive notification regarding your status, mark yours accepted on your image list. Now you have a record of where your work has been shown.

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