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When we first envisioned this project, AzAA purchased 100 canvases and thought that if we had 100 artists participate that would be fantastic. To date, we have purchased over 800 canvases! We have distributed them either directly to healthcare workers or created permanent or temporary displays in a healthcare facilities.

This has grown much larger than we first anticipated.  Expenses include the canvases themselves, hooks, bumpers, and velcro to secure the works in place, labels for each canvas, printing of brochures, flyers, cards to accompany each piece, plaques for the installations, backing boards for the installations.

Additionally, each piece is photogrpahed, each photogrpah is edited and then added to the website and onto social media.

All of this takes time and resources.  You can support the project through a direct donation, by donating a 6″ by 6″ canvas, or your time to assist in the many stages of the project.

Your participation makes a difference. I have heard from healthcare professionals that they are burnt out, feeling under pressure, under appreciated, and exhausted – emotionally and physically. The gift of art lifted their spirits and served as a constant reminder of appreciation. Through your donation, you make a difference in so many lives.

from some of the recipients….
…”Arizona is short so many nursses and healthcare professionals and yet we are tryinig our best to provide individualized quality care …..Your gifts are a blessing to us.  May you be blessed as well for your thoughulness, kindness and support.”  – HPNA

…’Our members will cherish the one of a kind, artists created paintings for years to come.  We are honored to have been included as recipients of this audacious gift….’  BNA

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Thank you for your generosity in supporting The Gratitude Project.
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