As artists it is important to create goals and break them down into smaller tasks. By recognizing a measurable outcomes and defining a timeline, you can feel accomplishments on your way to attaining the larger goal. However, it is easy to get derailed. When opportunities come your way, ask yourself, is this in alignment with my goal? Will this get me closer to my goal? Or is this a distraction?

The S.M.A.R.T. Goal acronym is an easy to use tool to help you reach your goals by asking yourself simple questions. In brief:
Specific – make your goal specific and narrow for effective planning
Measurable – define what evidence proves you are making progress
Attainable – make sure you can reach your goal within the defined time line
Relevant – your goal should align with your values and objective
Time-based – set a realistic and ambitious end-date for task prioritization and motivation

I have a long TO DO list, however often it is dauntingly long. Using SMART Goals is a way to manage your time and effort and have personal accountability for your actions.

Let me know if you use this and whether or not you find it beneficial. Tess Mosko Scherer: