Below is a list of questions adapted from Selling From the H.E.A.R.T, a workshop desigend specifically for artists developed by Az Art Alliance Executive Director, Tess Mosko Scherer.  She has been offering this workshop to artists since 2014.

Questions to get you started:

What is your formal training?
Where did you study?
What is your informal training?
Who is your mentor, and how has that person/s influenced your life?
Who is your favorite artist/the artist that influences you the most? Why?
What event/s shaped you as an artist? – there could be several from different stages of your life
Does your family history show up in your art?
Do your life experiences show up in your work?
Do you show up in your work?

What do others say about how your work makes them feel?
What have you observed as people look at your work? Are they curious? Comfortable? Uncomfortable?
What is their body language telling you?
How does your work make you feel?
Do you read for inspiration? And if so, what do you read for inspiration?
Are you spiritual? Does that spirituality work its way into your art?

A – Aesthetics…..
Describe your work in terms of color/palette; texture; subject; composition; themes;
What do you like about your art?
Is there an artist that your work is closely aligned with/familiar to?
What is your primary subject/s (think in terms of a body/ies of work)?
Is there a theme/s to your art?
How does one piece of your work relate to another?

R- Reasons
What drives you to make art?
What inspires you to make art?
What bogs you down?
Why do you make art?

T – Technique(s) / Process….
How did you make this?
What tools do you use?
What materials did you use?
Do you work in series/multiples/one-of-kind/limited editions?

Other Questions to Ponder…..
If you were a collector would you buy your art? Why?
Do you collect art?
How much time do you spend making art? – Is that sufficient?