How you can Participate in The Gratitude Project

The Gratitude Project is an exhibition of 6-inch x 6-inch floral-themed paintings by members of the Arizona Art Alliace. The theme of gratitude is represented by flowers as a way to acknolwege and thank Healthcare Workers during the time of Covid. It is customary to say thank you with flowers – what better way than with art!

The paintings will be on permanent and temporary display at central Arizona Health Care Facilities including Mayo Clinic, the Phoenix VA and Paradise Valley Community College School of Nursing. Other locations to be announced.

How to participate:
Canvases are available through the Arizona Art Alliance, and the participating arts organizaitons. You are welcome to use your own 6-inch x 6-inch inch canvas board. Any two-dimensional medium may be used to create a floral themed work of art.

Each artist may donate multiple botanial or florals works of art on 6-inch x 6-inch canvas boards.
Be sure to orient the canvas with the label on back.  If your canvas does not have a label, be sure to include the information printed at left. Be sure to print legibly on the label, providing as much of the requested information as possible.
Canvases may be picked up and dropped off at the participating arts organizations, the Arizona Artists Guild or the Arizona Art Alliance.
AAG – Mondays 8-12 | Wednesdays 2:30-5:30 or by appointment
AzAA – by appointment

Virtual Exhibition:
Each 6-inch x 6-inch floral work of art will be photographed and included in the Arizona Art Alliance virtual exhibition along with the information you provide on the label. This is intended to allow people to contact you directly with inquiries.

This project is ongoing.  Email if you would like to donate 6″x6″ painting/s.