Welcome to the most dynamic arts organization in the state!

The Arizona Art Alliance is a non-profit organization currently staffed by volunteers with a membership of Over 30 Arizona-based art groups. The member groups represent over 4,000 visual artists who produce fine art in over a dozen mediums.

Our goal are to provide public awareness and exposure to visual art;expand the number of art venues and marketing opportunities for member artists; and, expand art outreach program activities in the community.

“The Arizona Art Alliance mission is to promote the visual arts through collaboration with member organizations, strategic partnerships and community involvement.”

Through the dedication of its leadership, strong spirit of volunteerism among the membership, strategic partnerships with government, business and community organizations and valued financial supporters and sponsors, the Arizona Art Alliance continues to achieve its mission to promote visual art education and appreciation by:

(1) providing member art organizations with artistic resources, additional show venues, and product marketing opportunities, and by
(2) providing volunteer time, talent, supplies and financial resources to community based art outreach programs that benefit children, youth and/or adults with physical, mental and/or environmental challenges.