Instagram Takeover Tips and Ideas

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You can post on our Feed or in Stories – or both!  Here are a few tips:

Make your first takeover post an introduction to Arizona Art Alliance’s existing followers. Don’t be self-promotional… just say hello and explain your relationship to the host. You might want to tease and entice with what to expect during the takeover.

It could be something like:

“Arts Org Name” is taking over Arizona Art Alliance’s Instagram account this week.  Watch for posts on our upcoming “—–” or This week we will be featuring “—-“.  Keep the tempo up, light and fresh.

Be sure to wrap up the week with an ending post and a call to action……This week has been so much fun.  Great meeting you all on Instagram, come follow us on “@yourhandle” or “check out our website for upcoming events”, or “join our mailing list to stay connected”, or something relevant to what you posted during the week.

Benefits of Instagram Takeovers

-Reach new people to grow your audience
When you’re able to get your content in front of new users, there’s always a potential to grow your audience. You can leverage the exposure by asking people to follow you.

-Develop your credibility
When you’re working with other accounts in your niche, it can go a long way in establishing your business’s own credibility.  People are going to trust you more when someone they trust vouches for you, let alone has a branded partnership with you.

-Creating a fresh new perspective to keep things interesting while giving your social media manager one day’s less content to create.

Here are a few goals and the relevant metrics you could consider:

  1. Increase brand awareness – Followers growth, reach, number of views, number of mentions on other channels, etc.
  2. Engage the community – Number of interactions (likes, comments, views, or direct messages), number of live viewers, etc.
  3. Promote a product or an event – Traffic to your website, number of conversions, number of attendees, etc.

3 things to consider in each post:

  • Visual:
    Consider photos that engage, educate, or excite people about your business. For example, you can share photos of people who use your products.

  • Caption:
    Keep it short and sweet. Lead with the most important information first and encourage actions you want people to take, like ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Shop our Sale’.

  • Hashtags:
    Try relevant hashtags, mentions and tags and add them to your captions. That way, people interested in these topics can easily find you.

Here are a few links to help you get started:

And don’t forget – reach out to Tess if you have any questions or concerns. or 928-300-7185.

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