Digital Tools for Marketing, Promotion and Photography

There is so much for an artist to know and do to run their business successfully. I have compiled a list of online resources that can help you succeed. Over the next few issues, we will be providing lists of resorces for various aspects of art business, such as: marketing and photo editing listed here. Future months will include such resources as inventory management, legal resources, business education and more.
Be sure to let me know if this is helpful. Feel free to email me if you have resources you would like to share or areas of interest you would like me to cover.

Marketing and Promotion:

– Social Media Platforms: Utilize platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and X formerly known asTwitter to showcase your art and engage with your audience.
– Buffer and Hootsuite: online tools that can help you manage your social media posts.
– Etsy: an excellent platform for artists to reach a broader audience.
– ArtStation: Ideal for digital artists and illustrators, ArtStation provides a platform to showcase and sell your artwork.
– DeviantArt: A community of artists where you can share your work and get feedback.
– Behance: A platform for creative professionals to showcase their portfolios and connect with potential clients.
– Mailchimp: Use it for email marketing campaigns to keep your audience informed about your latest work and exhibitions.
– Constant Contact: Use it for email marketing campaigns to keep your audience informed about your latest work and exhibitions.
– Canva: Create visually appealing promotional materials and social media graphics.
– Photopea: a free graphic design software that’s great for both beginners and professionals.

Photography and Photo Editing:

– Fotor: An online photo editing tool with a user-friendly interface.
– Pixlr: Another free online photo editing tool that’s easy to use.
– PicMonkey: an online photo editing and design service that can be accessed from a web browser, or through a mobile app.
– GIMP: A free alternative to Adobe Photoshop for photo editing.
– Adobe Creative Cloud: Photoshop and Lightroom are essential tools for editing and enhancing your art photos.

Remember that the effectiveness of these resources can vary depending on your specific needs and goals. We recommend that you continually educate yourself, adapt to technology, be informed about trends, and build a network within the art community to succeed in your art business.