This Month’s Honoree

Alan Arne

Al has been a vital part of the Alliance’s success from Day One.  In addition to helping with the success of our many Art Alliance events, Al has helped many member and non-member art groups and individuals.  Al made time to help others, quite often at the expense of his personal time.  In preparing for this tribute to Al, I’ve asked numerous long-time members to recall any memorable encounters they had with him.  Most came back with “There are so many, I don’t know where to start.  Al was always ready to help.”  Al helped many artists get juried, even when the medium or genre was not popular.

There probably has never been a single volunteer that has helped so many individual artists, so many times, and in so many ways.  Whether it was help in getting artists juried, helping a league with their event, helping set up Alliance exhibits, helping to make our Pavilions Gallery the prize that it was…..Al was always there.  For many years, Al served on our Alliance Board of Directors, even serving a term as our President.  Al was always the first in line when the most unpleasant chores needed to be done.  He is a team player 100% and his dedication to our Alliance is unsurpassed.  Al’s planning and organizational skills made possible such events as:  the NFLPA’s “Smocks & Jocks,” art exhibits at SKYE Restaurant and Show Lounge, Arizona’s 2009 US Capitol Christmas Tree Art Contest, The Arizona House of Representatives’ Art Display, The AZ Attorney General’s Office Art Display, the ASTA (American Society of Traditional Artists) Show, and many other successful events.

Alan, a great artist himself, blows us all away with his geometric paintings often resembling Native American representations while, at the same time, demonstrating a uniqueness that could only be created by Al.  It was, in fact, Al’s artwork “Christmas in Arizona” that the jury panel for the 2009 Capitol Christmas Tree Contest designated as the official artwork to travel with the Arizona Christmas tree to Washington, DC.  Al’s first-place winner in this statewide art contest is now part of the permanent collection in the Department of Forestry in our nation’s Capitol.

Al’s biggest contribution however, has been to others.  He always goes out of his way to help so many of our individual artists achieve their goals and aspirations.  So many times, he has served at their pleasure.  I have often thought that, if Al would have spent as much of his time promoting himself as he has others, he might be the most famous artist in the world.  Move over, Rembrandt!

alan arne az art alliance volunteer hall of honor alan arne az art alliance volunteer hall of honor alan arne az art alliance volunteer hall of honor

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