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david bradley az art alliance volunteer hall of honor

David Bradley

David Bradley is a unique, multi-talented and multi-faceted individual. He is a professor of Art at Paradise Valley College, past president of both the Arizona Clay Association and Eye Lounge Art Gallery. He serves as past president of Arizona Artists Guild, while also holding the positions of VP of Art and VP of Outreach Programs. He is a former roster artist with Arizona Commission on the Arts.

Through his affiliation with these and other artist’s groups, Bradley has taught, mentored and encouraged many Arizona artists. He is respected and regarded throughout the art community. He is always ready to help artists reach their goals and is a great friend to all who know him.

During his three-year presidency of Arizona Artists Guild, David propelled this long-standing establishment to the 21st century with state of the art technology used in meetings and information sharing. Additionally, he updated the website, hosted a TEDx conference, launched several programs including a mentorship program; an internship program bridging the gap between generations; increased membership engagement in AAG programs; and developed partnerships with other arts and education organizations to work in tandem in promoting the arts in Arizona.

The AAG was one of the first of our Member Leagues to embrace the Arizona Art Alliance’s entry into serving our military veterans with art outreach.  David was instrumental in bringing the AAG on board with this now “truly successful program.”  The cornerstone of AAG is the outreach program, and David has been at its helm. He wrote and developed curriculum for the AAG Veteran’s Art Program, and is currently working toward the implementation of a program bringing art to infirmed elders and their caregivers. He has been integral in realizing the vision of AAG as an organization for the generous outreach for veterans and other groups which make the Guild a force for good in the community. AAG is giving back to society through the arts.

David also raised the artistic bar at AAG, bringing in presenters that help AAG members understand that art is not just about product and techniques, but about ideas and concepts. His links with Paradise Valley Community College has helped attract new members and bring new ideas to AAG. His travels and connections to the international art world are shared with AAG members so they all have a broader perspective of the art world.

In the words of Tess Mosko Scherer (AAG president), “I have been fortunate to have been mentored by David these past two years in preparation of taking on the presidency position of AAG and in my first year in that role. I could not have asked for a better role model, mentor and friend to help me to define myself as a leader.”

david bradley az art alliance volunteer hall of honor

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