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Volunteer Hall of Honor

This Month’s Honoree

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Alicia Plogman

Alicia Plogman has become synonymous with Arizona Artists Guild.  She has been a long time member and active volunteer in almost every aspect of AAG.  Present at most events in support of fellow artists, she is always willing to lend a hand, and to answer questions.  If you need something or can’t find something, ask Alicia – she usually knows where it is, who to contact, or will find it for you. Her contributions over the years have had huge impact on the quality of AAG as a place where people come together to learn new skills and improve themselves as artists. She works hard to make sure everyone has a good time at AAG and has made a big difference in the retention of members to the organization.

Alicia is persuasive, and a force not to be denied. Not only is she a valuable member of our art community, her reach expands to other arts organizations with which she is aligned. She often merges the many groups in unexpected ways to support and encourage artists of many disciplines and interests.

Although Alicia is generally the first person people meet when they set foot in the door, she shies from the limelight, happiest in the background making sure things go smoothly, and that everyone is happy.

Alicia conceived the idea of an open studio from 9-12 on Monday mornings. She has worked to promote this successful and well attended program. It has become a cornerstone of AAG where artists have an opportunity to work alongside one another, inspire, and challenge each other in their artistic pursuits.  This has become an important component of their artistic growth and practice.

As director of the Art Supply Exchange, Alicia has handled the donated materials with care and thoughtfulness for the donor and for who might benefit the most from the items. She keeps it well stocked, open, and publicized.  She personally collects items when the donor needs assistance.

Each month, for over 3 and one-half years, Alicia can be found at the Veteran’s Art Program. In addition to assisting in the coordination of the program, she oversees the preparation of the midday meal and makes sure each Vet is greeted warmly, provided with snacks, and a hearty meal.

“I could not have accomplished all that I have without Alicia.  I always say ‘it takes a village’ and I am grateful to have Alicia in my corner, not only cheering me on, lifting me up, but right there in the trenches with me.’ She has become a dearly loved friend who I enjoy volunteering with.  With her, laughter is always nearby.” – Tess Mosko Scherer, president AAG.

Ann Osgood, David Bradley, Laura Cohen-Hogan, Doug Hebert, Tess Mosko Scherer, and Mark Woehrle contributed information to this article.

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